Hands on workshop on the Great War

In 1914, young men around the world were recruited by the propaganda machine to come and fight for poor little Belgium. It is their story that we are trying to tell through photos, videos and an interactive demonstration of daily use objects from the trenches. Optional additional topics such as medical concerns, propaganda or total war can be broached. This workshop is suitable for ages 12 and up.


Why choose this workshop?

  • In the Trenches provides the ideal introduction for young people who will visit the trenches and museums in the region. This way, they will be able to place a lot more artifacts and stories into the larger story.
  • The workshop is highly visual and in this way can partially replace a sometimes abstract explanation on a site.
  • The workshop has a specific focus on Messines where the Peace Village is located. That way we provide a lot of common ground with our educational walks around Messines.