A comfortable stay is our number one priority

For that, we have a lot of assets. Whether you want to break your brain with a quiz, throw the legs loose at a party or just need all your attention for a meeting, we have the perfect room for you. All of our rooms are equipped with music and lighting systems, free wifi and projectors.

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Sleeping Blocks

Below is an overview of our facilities. We have four sleeping blocks with ten rooms each.

Nice to know: the sleeping blocks each have their own color and are named after fallen soldiers from the region. You will be joined by Condon (yellow), Meeke (orange), Redmond (red) and Plumer (blue).

In a nutshell

Each room has a private desk with spacious sitting area, a separate toilet, a bathroom with a shower, a large mirror, a drying rack or hanger and a sink. There are plenty of electrical outlets and storage areas with coat racks throughout. On each bed is a soft pillow and down comforter for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Moreover, you always stay in your own group: guests from different reservations are never put together in a room. Here you can find a list of the number of beds per room. This can be a guide for group leaders to make room assignments.

Ready for your stay?

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