Our standard rates are based on an average stay of 4 people per room. If you wish to sleep fewer people per room, individual rates apply.

The price includes breakfast & linen package. Children under 3 do not pay. Use of the conference room, subject to reservation, and wifi is free. Our 2025 rates exclude EUR 1.59 per person per night tourist tax for the town of Messines.

Prices 2024


Prices 2025

Prices include bed linen and breakfast. Lodging taxes city of Messines (1.59 euro per person, per day) are not included. Children under three years of age stay with us free of charge.

Free B&B is provided for the bus driver in a single room and access to a separate lounge. All meals and extras must be reserved at least four weeks in advance. Free wifi is available throughout the site. Use of the conference room, parking, outdoor area and sports equipment is free for residential groups. Meeting rooms are best reserved in advance. Feel free to take a look at our booking conditions for any questions regarding payments.

We cannot accept cash payments over €250. Payments by bank card are possible up to €1000.

Non-residential groups are also welcome with us! Please contact us for more information.


Hostel rate

To rent the entire hostel you pay €37 per bed, including breakfast. Do know that you share this room with other people. A maximum of 4 people can stay in each room.